Migrations and Refugees: Cities Experience in Europe

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Dates: 21 – 24 November 2017

Objective: Cities are the proximity context where the practical implications of the arrival of immigrants and refugees are more visible. In recent years, cities have taken a leading role in the policy-making of immigration. The demographic changes in cities, towns, and neighborhoods in receiving societies have encouraged the design and implementation of policy responses seeking to accommodate newcomers, local population, and institutions in different areas. The devolution and federal reforms in multi-level contexts and the recognition of cultural diversity as part of the cities’ DNA have been driving forces in this transformation. The converging views on the accommodation of newcomers at the local level have fostered the formation of networks to exchange experiences and good practices. Policy innovation and experimentation in these contexts have promoted learning and diffusion processes not only in Europe but around the globe. The current refugee crisis in Europe has made of these experiences instrumental to face the challenge of designing and implementing effective and successful reception and integration policies. The course will address the different perspectives in the policy-making of immigration at the local level through the exposure and assessment of concrete elements of local policies. It will also study the instruments of action and the presentation and discussion of recent experiences in various European cities.

Target: Public policy practitioners involved with or interested in migration and integration issues at the local level.

Academic Coordination: Juan Carlos Triviño, Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI).

Language: English.

Length: 30 hours (lectures + seminars + study visits in Barcelona).

Places available: Places are limited to 30.

Registration: registration and payment online through this link http://bit.ly/registrationBcnGov


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