Urban Governance and City Policies

Dates: January 23, 24 and 25, 2019.

Academic coordinators: Ismael Blanco and Yunailis Salazar (Institute of Government and Public Policy, IGOP – UAB)

Registration and prices

Prices vary depending on the profile of the inscribed person:

  • General Profile: 150 eur for the 3 days, or 60 eur per day
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students: 75 eur for the 3 days, or 30 eur per day
  • Mornings Pack: (23, 24 and 25): 90 eur (General Profile) or 45 eur (Undergraduate / postgraduate students)
  • Afternoons Pack (23, 24 and 25): 90 eur (General Profile) or 45 eur (Undergraduate / postgraduate students)

Link to the registration formhttp://bit.ly/InscripcionGobernanzaUrbana

Registration Deadline: January, 15th, 2019

Available seats: 100.

Contact: Yunailis.Salazar@uab.cat

The main objective of the Winter School is to stimulate the debate on the process of production of public policies in cities. To a large extent, urban public policies are the result of cooperative relations, confrontation and participation between different types of public, private and social actors. The management of this type of relationships for the common good is one of the major challenges of urban governance. In this Winter School, we will contrast the experience of Barcelona with other cities in Spain and around the world to discuss the opportunities and challenges involved in public-private and public-community relations in the production process of urban policies.

The course will take place over 3 days, each one divided into two sessions (morning and afternoon) organised around a specific topic:

  1. Public management in the context of plural governance;
  2. Metropolitan governance and social inequalities;
  3. Cities and globalisation;
  4. Smart cities and urban entrepreneurship;
  5. Participatory democracy and the right to the city;
  6. Social and neighbourhood movements: social economy and urban commons.

Three types of activities will be combined throughout the sessions:

  1. Lectures by leading professors in the topics discussed;
  2. Seminars by leading experts and professionals;
  3. Roundtables to discuss and compare Barcelona’s experiences with other cities.

Target audience

This activity is addressed to the following groups: undergraduate and graduate students; academics interested in urban studies; local and regional government officials and politicians; social and neighbourhood activists; members of Third Sector organisations. The aim is that this event represents an opportunity for people from different territories to meet up an exchange their different experiences: Barcelona and cities in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia; cities from Spain; cities from different parts of the world, especially Europe and Latin America. Most of the activities will be held in Spanish, although there will also be some sessions in English with simultaneous translation.

Programme advance

  Provisional Course Programme


Day 1 / January 23

Morning: From local government to urban governance: challenges for public management.

With Vivien Lowndes (Instituto de Estudios de Administración Local INLOGOV, RU); Jacint Jordana (UPF-IBEI); Miquel Salvador (UPF); Laura De Caralt (Ayuntamiento de Barcelona); Gala Pin (Ayuntamiento de Barcelona), Nacho Murgui (Ayuntamiento de Madrid) and María Oliver (Ayuntamiento de Valencia).

Afternoon: Metropolitan Governance

With Enzo Mingione (Universidad de Milán-Bicocca); Maite Pérez (IERMB); Oriol Estella (PEMB); Mariona Tomas (UB); Ricard Gomà (IERMB – IGOP), Agustín Hernández Aja (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and Charlotte Worms (Institut Universitaire de France).

Day 2 / January 24

Morning: City and globalization: the world in the cities and the cities in the world.

With Eva García Chueca (CIDOB); Robert Kissack (IBEI); Lorenzo Gabrielli (UPF); Jaime Palomera (Sindicato de Inquilinos); Oriol Nel (UAB), Luis Romero (Universidad de Valencia) and Helena Cruz (IGOP – IERMB).

Afternoon: Smart Cities, Social and Digital Innovation

With Carles Ramió (UPF); David Sancho (UPF); Marc Pradel (UB); Ricard Espelt (UOC); Pilar Conesa (Smart City Expo), Francesca Bria (Ayuntamiento de Barcelona), Manu Fernández (Researcher and consultor).

Day 3 / January 25

Morning: Participatory democracy and the right to the city.

With Hilary Wainwright (Transnational Institute, RU); Arnau Monterde (Ayuntamiento de Barcelona – UOC); Carol Galais (UAB); Yanina Welp (University of Zurich); Fernando Pindado (Ajuntament de Barcelona), Ernesto Ganuza (CSIC).


Social and neighbourhood movements: social economy and urban commons.

With Jonathan S. Davies (Universidad De Montfort, RU); Ana Muñoz (Coopolis); Ana Méndez (The University of Sheffield, RU); Igor Calzada (Universidad de Oxford, RU); Sandra Ezquerra (UVic), Quim Brugué, (UdG)

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